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Gary A. Grindley



Gary is a business development and performance improvement professional with advanced degrees in Statistics, Quality Assurance, plus an MBA from Loyola University in Chicago. He is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  He has diverse proficiencies in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Marine. Gary also consults businesses to achieve ISO 9001-2015 and AS 9100D Registration.

While fully employed, Gary attended both undergraduate and post graduate classes simultaneously with permission from both universities due to his high academic achievements as a Magna Cum Laude graduate, as well as his work experience at Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Aircraft.  These rapid paced years of academia and teachings of Dr. Edwards Deming carried him through his career and were responsible for several positions that he excelled at so rapidly, that he spent several short periods of employment at numerous companies symbolizing the core principles of “Continuous Improvement” and taking on more and more challenging roles.

Gary has spent most of his career perfecting his process and performance improvement experience using a multitude of tools related to LEAN, Six Sigma, the Toyota Production System, and Critical Thinking.  His diverse background allows him to work outside the box identifying process solutions many people cannot visualize.

One of Gary’s greatest strengths is his high degree of ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ This has allowed him to recognize, connect with, and learn from the mental states of others.  Gary uses his emotional intelligence to improve his self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy for others, managing relationships and building networks.  He also uses this skill as a primary tool for resolving conflict, and helping others to succeed.

Gary has been employed at two of the largest and unquestionably “world-class” companies on the globe: Boeing Aircraft, and John Deere.  The lessons learned at these organizations helped Gary to see and believe that excellence is possible in a culture of continual improvement and that the teachings of Taguchi Ono (Toyota founder) and Dr. Edwards Deming are alive and well.  Both Boeing and John Deere have strong beliefs that “failure is not an option” and that it truly is possible to achieve zero defects with the right processes, procedures, and a corporate will to succeed.

Gary is an extremely high performer with expertise in facilitating project teams to improve diverse business performance and quality. He is also an instructor and teaches teams how to perform capability analysis using SPC and root-cause analysis. He also specializes in implementing interventions and develop standard work processes to prevent future nonconformance issues.

Gary is also proficient in the understanding of highly technical I.T. architectures, as well as many other applications for business and data processing.


During his career, Gary has worked on very high profile projects, such as the design and manufacturing of the Boeing C-17 air transport jet flight control systems, as well as projects to reduce fuel burn, and training military and airline flight crews in these systems.  Gary is also a Flight Crew Safety Officer, Commercial Multiengine Turbojet Flight Instructor, and Crew Resource Management instructor, which has helped to make the United States Commercial and Military Aviation industry the safest high-risk activity in the world.  

Gary was also an integral team leader during a major plant consolidation of two factories with over one million square feet of floor space and creating a cradle to grave factory for the CNH flagship agricultural tractors produced in Racine, Wisconsin.  Thirdly, one of Gary’s major achievements came during the design and build of the new Tier IV emissions requirements for diesel engines produced by John Deere for their flagship tractor and combine agricultural equipment.  Gary has also performed at a high corporate level as a Regional Director of Continuous Improvement for six automotive factories in three states for Johnson Controls.

Finally, Gary’s latest passion for the last several years has been to work with front line clinical staff to help make healthcare safer and more efficient in both the Hospital / Provider settings, as well as the Payer / Insurance sides of the business.  His accomplishments to reduce Hospital Acquired Conditions are unprecedented and he continues to work with industry leaders to continually improve healthcare safety and reliability.


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